Aerospike 4.7 with Support for Intel® Ethernet 800 Series with ADQ White Paper

Aerospike 4.7 with Support for Intel Ethernet 800 Series with ADQ White PaperThis overview demonstrates how the Intel® Ethernet 800 Series network adapter with Application Device Queues (ADQ) technology enables the Aerospike Database to achieve significantly greater throughput with lower latency and greater response time predictability.

Aerospike is a distributed real-time NoSQL database based on scalable clusters of peer nodes. Nodes can be dynamically added and removed from the cluster and the cluster automatically rebalances data following a node or network outage. A shared-nothing partitioning scheme distributes records evenly across nodes, with replication for redundancy. Clients send requests directly to the nodes holding affected records (no proxying). Cluster nodes are peers, and there are no single points of failure.

Each node runs one or more instances of the Aerospike server. The servers are heavily multi-threaded: each request is serviced on a separate thread, utilizing all available processor cores. On multi-socketed Non- Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) systems, additional performance can be gained by running separate server instances on each NUMA node.