Aerospike Durability

Aerospike Durability White PaperThe purpose of this White Paper is twofold: to enumerate the general factors impacting Durability; and to describe the specific capabilities available in Aerospike that maximize Durability.

In database systems, Durability is a property that guarantees a committed transaction will not be lost or altered even in the face of catastrophic events such as loss of power, OS crashes, or non-functioning hardware. It is one of the ACID transactional properties (the others are Atomicity, Consistency, and Isolation).

Durability is particularly important in databases serving as Systems of Record. By definition, a SOR is the authoritative source of truth for the data it houses, so a lost write —if it is even detected— requires an exception process to recover (assuming it is recoverable). Driven by Smartphones, IoT, and other data sources, modern SORs often must support high volumes of real-time data while preserving Durability. By design, Aerospike can maintain a high transaction rate even under the additional constraints imposed by Durability.