Leveraging Aerospike to Power Real-time Analytics

Transformation, driven by internet giants, is roiling major enterprises. Competing with Amazon, Google, Facebook, PayPal, and others requires excellent user experience, requiring firms to combine all their data, breaking down silos in order to create not just great user experience but also critical business moments engaging with those users.

Building these at-scale systems requires transformation within a traditional enterprise. Breaking down insistences on relational models, moving to decentralized databases that can not only ingest data at high speed, but execute both transactions and analyses in real-time are required. Interacting with systems of record in real-time can also unleash business value.

In this webinar, learn about:

The key differences in systems of engagement versus systems of record, and the types of databases that support each
How today’s typical architectures fail to fully leverage both
Proven use cases in the Payments, Security and Financial Services industries that have applied the latest in high performance databases with strong consistency – and how they benefited.