Bloor InBrief

Bloor Mutable Award 2019 PlatinumBloor InBrief Bloor, an independent research and analyst house, has evaluated six NoSQL database solutions based on their ability to support real-time operational, transactional and analytic processing.

Aerospike has garnered top rankings in the following categories:

  • Architecture – Aerospike delivers maximum performance and scalability with the industry’s lowest overall total cost of ownership.
  • Performance – Aerospike powers wireline performance for operations, transactions and analytics; support for third party streaming environments such as Spark and Kafka; and support for persistent memory.
  • Scalability – Aerospike handles tens of millions of events per second and is suitable for deploying in highly distributed edge-based as well as core data storage architectures at petabyte plus scale

Read the Bloor InBrief excerpt for more on Aerospike.