Insights-driven businesses – the next frontier in the data journey


Michele Goez

Principal Analyst Forrester Research


Srini Srinivasan

Co-Founder/Chief Development Officer

A System of Insight according to Forrester¹, is the business discipline and technology to harness digital insights — new, actionable knowledge that can be implemented in software — and apply these insights consistently to turn data into action. Real-time actionable business insights are derived based on analyzing and decisioning on both transactional and streaming data workloads handled in tandem. While stream data analysis is devised around high-velocity data, transactional data analysis is typically devised around low-velocity data.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • The anatomy of System of Insight
  • The data architecture to derive real-time actionable insights
  • A few key enterprise business cases that can derive benefits

¹”The Anatomy Of A System Of Insight”, Forrester Research, Inc., January 5, 2018