Today’s AI/ML: Analyzing and Acting on Your Real-time Data

Businesses are getting smarter by leveraging as much data as they can as fast as they can. To do this, they’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in order to automate decision-making and predict behavior. For example, payment processors are slashing fraud, online retailers are increasing purchase rates and financial services organizations are delighting their online customers. These enterprise industry applications have some common data architecture principles that can be adopted by virtually any industry to create smarter, more innovative businesses.

In this recorded webinar, Matt Aslett, Research Director for Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research, together with Brent Keator, VP, infrastructure, and Kevin Lyons, SVP, Data Science, both of Nielsen Marketing Cloud, discuss:

  • The differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • The types of predictive behaviour, decision making, automation and efficiencies can be derived from AI/ML
  • The Nielsen Marketing Cloud case study, and why systems of engagement are the first, and best application of AI/ML