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Aerospike, the NoSQL database provider, deepens its hold on the cloud. The company is announcing the Aerospike Cloud Foundation – a platform that allows users to build, manage, automate and monitor the database as a service (Database as a service – DBaaS).

Aerospike’s cloud platform is based on and adapted to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) standards. The Cloud Foundation will be available during the current quarter, the second quarter of the year, and the first version of the platform will be optimized for working with Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on Google Cloud, and additional cloud infrastructure will be announced later.

The platform includes an Operator management mechanism and specific extensions that are customized to the Kubernetes API; Can deploy the Aerospike clusters in the Helm Charts environment; And Prometheus: A built-in monitoring solution that integrates with Grafana and integrates capabilities to display dashboards of real-time database monitoring.

The Advantages of Aerospike’s Hybrid Memory Architecture

Aerospike’s unique hybrid memory architecture (HMA) fully exploits the full potential of modern hardware and eliminates all the difficulties that prevent companies from delivering value from the vast amounts of data at the edge, to the core, and to the cloud. With data stored on innovative SSDs, with only the indexes stored on a high-performance DRAM, the solution delivers the advantages of high-performance cached memory performance with data reliability and consistency. Thus, the system gives enterprises an “Unfair competitive advantage in the fraction of the cost and complexity compared to legacy solutions”.

In this way, Aerospike helps organizations run critical applications in real time, and supports digital transformation. Its database helps organizations prevent fraud, make digital payments, conduct online brokerage transactions, and provide a 360-degree view of customers. It serves as an infrastructure for enterprise applications that require fast on boarding, performance, and scalability.

The architecture is simple and easy to maintain, and significantly reduces server growth. With self-healing, highly available clusters, the Aerospike database is ideal for critical applications, with strict service level agreements (SLAs) and extremely fast implementation.

“We pledge that we will not lose data, and provide organizations with secured, synchronized cross-data center (XDR) replication, with a hybrid, multi-layered storage engine. Provide data-intensive organizations, at every scale, high and multiple performance capabilities, with maximum information security and consistent reliability.”

Aerospike expands activity in Israel

On the webinar recently conducted by the Israeli branch of the company, hosted by Oshrat Ben Avi Zabludovitz, the branch’s accounts manager, has revealed that Aerospike is expanding its operations in Israel and is currently recruiting additional employees for a variety of positions, including development positions for the Israeli development center recently opened. The webinar was opened by Ami Aharonovich, the director of the Israeli branch, which was established two years ago.

“Hundreds of company’s customers are in various sectors, including health, financial, payments and credit cards, including Barclays Card, American Express and the Singapore DBS Financial Services Group. Also, its clients include PayPal, which deals with fraud prevention processes on its online transactions on Aerospike servers. The EU’s central bank operations carry out EU transactions based on our data, and Israeli Playtika has increased their read and write rate (IOPS) three times with us, using a very small amount of servers, which generates an average annual savings of $1.4 million.”

Aharonovich quoted Theresa Melvin, chief architect of HPE’s Artificial Intelligence-driven Big Data Solutions division, as saying that “after a year and a half of research, there is simply no better database other than Aerospike which enables millions of transactions to be achieved in a millisecond for real-time solutions, compared to any of the competitors out there.”

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