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Doron Hoffman - Contentsquare
Doron Hoffman, Chief Architect, Contentsquare

In a Webinar conducted by Aerospike Israel, Doron Hoffman, Chief Architect at Contentsquare, described how the database company serves as a data collection pipeline, with a record of 300,000 reads per second

“Today’s technology is capable of characterizing and analyzing the user experience, consumer behavior, sites and apps, and visually enables understanding everything that happen on the website – from mouse moves, clicks, repetitive patterns to the complete user experience during browsing. These analytics and understanding help companies understand not only the number of conversions – the completion of the purchase, but also the ability to go down to specific resolutions and understand how to cause customer stay and spend more time on the website”, said Doron Hoffman, Chief Architect at Contentsquare.

Hoffman spoke as part of a Webinar that Aerospike Israel conducted to its customers a few days ago, under the guidance of Oshrat Ben-Avi Zabludovich, the company’s customers manager.

Contentsquare offers technology in the field, which analyzes about 10 trillion interactions on e-commerce sites, totaling $ 1.4 billion in sales per day. To help decision makers navigate changing markets following the Corona crisis, they created the Covid-19 eCommerce Impact Hub, which provides continuous tracking and analysis of digital consumer behavior due to the virus and its effects, in a cross-section of changing industries and geographical locations around the world. Contentsquare is a French company with about 600 employees, of which 170 are development staff in Ramat Gan and Paris. Established in 2012, in addition to Ramat Gan and Paris, it has offices in New York, San Francisco, London and Munich, and recently opened an office in the Far East. Yesterday, the company announced it has completed a $190 million round of funding. Its market cap has crossed the billions of dollars this year.

Last August, Contentsquare acquired the Israeli start-up Clicktale, which developed a technology for analyzing web browsing behavior.

“We are the world’s largest and leading company in the field, with 600 large enterprise customers, including BestBuy, Dell, Sephora makeup brand, Walmart, Crocs, Avis, Volkswagen, Toyota and T-Mobile”, he said. “We analyze trillions of interactions every day – mouse movements, clicks, and so on. Our vast database is a digital mine of gold, enabling enterprise customers to make recommendations on industry trends, customer behavior and more.”

“Stores can see when they lose customers, but they don’t know why,” Hoffman explained. “We want to understand the client’s ‘body language’ online. Our solution analyzes the customer’s experience, what he likes and what does not, where he stays longer and what he tries to do. Finally, by visualizing and analyzing the data, we recommend what can improve your website or user experience to improve conversion rate.”

Hoffman said that “Aerospike’s database lets us record what happened on the website, what a user did on a particular page. The solution serves as a pipeline for gathering those pieces of information, with a record of 300,000 reads per second. Its cluster is stable and we can easily change it during the holidays, for example, when we experience more traffic, with linear scalability and online analytics.”

Zohar Elkayam -Aerospike Israel
Zohar Elkayam, Solutions Architect, Aerospike Israel

“It’s critical not to lose information and have a stable database”

Zohar Elkayam, solutions architect at Aerospike Israel, said at the event that “it is critical to have a stable database. The data we offer provides reliability and stability of five ninths, which works 99.999% of the time. Because organizations run millions of critical transactions traffic per second, it is critical not to lose data”.

“The Aerospike database is based on hybrid memory architecture, which combines RAM and storage, which work together to provide greater transaction efficiency on each machine,” he explained. “Using our database results in a six to 10 times fold reduction in the number of servers in the Data Center. The technology which we have developed is capable to deliver extremely high read and write rates, at hundreds of thousands and even millions of IOPS per second, using extremely small servers, which enables substantial savings and reduces IT costs.”

To read the original Hebrew version, click here.


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