Aerospike 4.0 marks the industry’s first delivery of a database with strong consistency and high performance pivotal to enterprise systems of engagement and now systems of record

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Mar 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Aerospike Inc., the world’s leading enterprise-grade, internet scale, key-value store database with its patented Hybrid-Memory Architecture™, announced the general availability (GA) of its 4.0 release that provides strong consistency with high performance.

As enterprises look to power digital transformation, they are looking to gather intelligence, make decisions and act in real-time, ideally for both their front-end systems of engagement (SoEs) and back-end systems of record (SoRs). While SoEs require high performance, SoRs require strong consistency — until now no database has been able to reliably deliver both.

Aerospike continues to blaze a trail by providing an internet scale database to satisfy the hyper-performance and latency needs in financial services, banking, telecommunications, retail/ecommerce, adtech/martech and gaming.  This GA release greatly expands the addressable market and footprint for the company.

“At AppNexus, we help marketers engage their audiences with relevant advertising based on numerous targeting criteria,” said Tim Smith, senior vice president of operations at AppNexus.  “Aerospike is the database solution that enables us to manage over 50 billion unique data points globally and search those data points over 4 trillion times per month with almost all of those searches taking 8 milliseconds or less.  Aerospike allows us to do this cost effectively without any downtime or compromises.”

“Aerospike, with its patented Hybrid-Memory Architecture, is already the first choice for use in internet scale, real-time applications,” said Don Haderle, IBM Fellow and “Father of DB2”.  “With the advent of Aerospike 4.0 now delivering strong consistency while preserving its industry-leading high performance and scalability, Aerospike is providing enterprises a revolutionary tool to create rich consumer and machine-to-machine experiences.  World’s best performance and strong consistency — can’t beat it.”

“Our company, Lineate, builds big data solutions equipped to handle billions of transactions and terabytes of data in a reliable and fault-tolerant way,” said Benjamin Engber, chief executive officer, Lineate.  “Over the past several years, we’ve relied upon the Aerospike database to power our solutions with their ultra-high performance and low, predictable latency. We believe Aerospike 4.0’s strong consistency mode significantly broadens the use of NoSQL in demanding, mission critical environments such as ours and beyond.”

Further, Aerospike announced today that it has secured an additional $23 million in capital to continue its rapid growth and dominance in the sector. The financing round was led by NEA, with participation from Alsop-Louie Partners, CNTP Ventures, Eastward Capital Partners and Silicon Valley Bank.

“The GA of 4.0 and the funding demonstrates the confidence shown by our customers and investors as we continue to execute our strategy to power both enterprise-grade systems of engagement and now systems of record” said John Dillon, chief executive officer, Aerospike. “The capital infusion gives us additional resources to expand quickly and strategically into new markets, innovate rapidly and deliver on our vision.”  The company expects to reach cash flow break-even in FY 2018.

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About Aerospike

Aerospike is the world’s leading enterprise-grade, internet scale, key-value store database whose patented Hybrid Memory Architecture™ enables digital transformation by powering real-time, mission critical applications and analysis.  Only Aerospike delivers strong consistency, predictable high performance and low TCO with linear scalability. Serving the financial services, banking, telecommunications, technology, retail/ecommerce, adtech/martech and gaming industries, Aerospike has proven customer deployments with zero downtime for seven years running.   Recognized by industry analysts as a visionary and leader, Aerospike customers include Nielsen, Williams Sonoma, Kayak, Neustar, Bharti Airtel, ThreatMetrix, InMobi, Applovin and AppNexus. Aerospike is based in Mountain View, CA, and is backed by New Enterprise Associates, Alsop Louie Partners, Eastward Capital Partners, CNTP and Silicon Valley Bank.

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