Upcoming release to mark the industry’s first delivery of a database with strong consistency and high performance pivotal to enterprise systems of engagement

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Aerospike, the leader in hybrid memory architecture databases, announced today an upcoming new version of its database — Aerospike 4.0 Enterprise Edition — which will provide strong consistency and high performance for enterprise systems of engagement (SoE).

Data resides at the core of digital transformation. As enterprises drive business model transitions in the algorithmic economy, it is data that uniquely enables them to expand their market presence and extend traditional value chains. Business processes can be transformed by a superior ability to gather intelligence, make decisions, and act in real time.

Aerospike continues to blaze a trail in the database space by providing an internet scale SoE database to satisfy the hyper-performance and latency needs of growing industries like AdTech, Gaming, and FinServ. Today, it takes the next step by providing a transformational new capability that guarantees strong data consistency without compromising on performance thereby helping Enterprises capitalize on digital transformation with a best in class “Enterprise SoE.” 

“This is another milestone for Aerospike executing on its enterprise strategy to drive and enable profitable business outcomes,” said John Dillon, CEO of Aerospike. “This powerful new solution gives enterprises and their customers an opportunity to transform their businesses by helping them to understand their customers better, optimize delivery of new services, and ultimately, increase revenue.”

ThreatMetrix leverages anonymized data from across 1.4 billion online user transactions to provide businesses with insight into the true digital identity of their customers. Working with Aerospike helps us to do this faster than ever — evaluating billions of data points across 75 million daily transactions, all in real time. As a result, digital business can quickly and accurately distinguish between genuine users and fraudsters, making a true consumer’s online experience secure and friction-free,” says Phil Steffora, Chief Security Officer at ThreatMetrix.

“Airtel is at the forefront of deploying cutting-edge digital innovation and technology to deliver a great experience to its customers. Digital channels are fast becoming the preferred mode of service delivery and customer interaction for us. As a result, we are managing massive volumes of data that is growing rapidly. We are extremely delighted to partner with Aerospike to deploy a high-performance data layer between our digital channels and core telecom systems to help us manage the massive scale of data with best performance. This layer also acts as a cushion for our core telecom platforms and optimizes the need to scale our core telecom platforms, resulting in an improved customer experience,” says Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO and Director of Engineering at Bharti Airtel.

“As a global leader in information services, Neustar connects offline consumer insights with online and mobile identifiers to provide our customers with authoritative information on the individuals they do business with. To be effective, we need a real-time database that can support billions of daily operations with high consistency, low latency, and fantastic throughput. Aerospike is the only technology we’ve found that is capable of meeting our needs in a cost-effective and dependable manner,” says Peter Burke, SVP Technology at Neustar.

Aerospike has also signed a definitive agreement to partner with Genesis Global, a leading FinTech solution provider in Europe and the Americas, to be an integral part of their Genesis Technology Framework.

“As a leading provider of disruptive FinTech solutions, Genesis Global is at the nexus of leading technology as it is applied for innovative problem solving for financial services,” says Stephen Murphy, Founder & CEO of Genesis Global. “Our Genesis Global Microservices Framework is at the core of many of customer solutions like Flow Analytics, Trade Cost Analytics, and Automated Quoting Systems, and we are pleased that Aerospike is adding the strong consistency feature to its globally leading, high-performance, scalable database — that is key to our own, and our customers’, success.”

Aerospike version 4.0 will be generally available in Q1 of 2018.

 For More Information visit https://www.aerospike.com/products/aerospike-database-platform/

About Aerospike

Aerospike is an enterprise-class, hybrid memory architecture database solution that enables digital transformation by powering real-time, mission-critical applications and analytics across industries, including AdTech, ecommerce, gaming, telecommunications, and financial services. With use cases ranging from user profile store and real-time billing to fraud detection and directory services, Aerospike delivers predictable performance at scale, superior uptime, and high availability at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to relational and first-generation NoSQL databases. Recognized by industry analysts as a visionary and leader, Aerospike is the database behind Nielsen Marketing Cloud, Williams Sonoma, InMobi, Kayak, and AppNexus. Aerospike is a privately-held company based in Mountain View, CA, and is backed by New Enterprise Associates, Alsop Louie Partners, and CNTP.

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