Aerospike Graph Delivers Industry’s Lowest Latency at a Fraction of the Cost of Existing Graph Database Solutions

Mountain View, CA — June 20, 2023 Aerospike, Inc. today unveiled a new graph database with native support for the Gremlin query language at Aerospike Summit 2023.

More and more organizations need to integrate and support large graph data sets for better decisions in heavy transactional (OLTP) operations. But today’s graph databases fail to perform at scale with a sustainable cost model. This forces companies to waste time and resources creating inflexible custom solutions.

Aerospike Graph delivers millisecond multi-hop graph queries at extreme throughput across trillions of vertices and edges. Benchmarks show a throughput of more than 100,000 queries per second with sub-5ms latency — on a fraction of the infrastructure.

Developers can write applications with new and existing Gremlin queries in Aerospike Graph. These OLTP applications for AdTech, Customer 360, fraud detection and prevention, and other use cases can now operate at scale in real time.

“To meet the demands for enterprises building rich, real-time data services and applications, Aerospike’s multi-model platform continues to expand its legendary scale, low latency, and lowest total cost of ownership to the most popular areas of data management,” said Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike. “We’ve now delivered Aerospike’s unique value propositions to the graph database market, where enterprises no longer need to spend lavishly on bespoke solutions to get real-time performance and scale.”

One Multi-model Database Simplifies Operations and Reduces Costs

The Aerospike Database handles diverse workloads across the three most popular NoSQL data models — key value, document, and graph — in a single real-time data platform. Aerospike’s comprehensive approach simplifies data management and delivers efficient querying of data sets across data models, while handling mixed workloads from gigabyte to petabyte scale – in the core and at the edge.

Aerospike Graph can independently scale compute and storage, enabling enterprises to pay only for the infrastructure required. Additional management benefits and cost savings come from Aerospike’s proven best-in-industry total cost of ownership (TCO), which shows that even at the highest levels of scale, Aerospike requires up to 80% less infrastructure than traditional NoSQL, document, or graph databases.

“Aerospike Graph delivers exceptional real-time and batch look-up capabilities for multiple edge traversals, unlike other solutions we’ve evaluated, which solely address analytics discovery. Aerospike Graph is ideally suited to supporting our high volume/low latency demands.” – Keith Johnson, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Acxiom

Experience the Power of Aerospike Graph

Try Aerospike Graph now and transform your organization’s data landscape. For more details, register for this week’s Aerospike Summit 2023 (registration is still open) or dive into our technical blog.

About Aerospike

Aerospike unleashes the power of real-time data to meet the demands of The Right Now Economy. Global innovators and builders choose the Aerospike real-time, multi-model, NoSQL data platform for its predictable sub-millisecond performance at unlimited scale with dramatically reduced infrastructure costs. With support for strong consistency and globally distributed, multi-cloud environments, Aerospike is an essential part of the modern data stack for Adobe, Airtel, Criteo, DBS Bank, Experian, PayPal, Snap, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Wayfair. A global company, Aerospike is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with offices in London, Bangalore, and Tel Aviv.

John Moran
Look Left Marketing