HPE Solutions with Aerospike for your most demanding real-time applications

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HPE Solutions with Aerospike

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Aerospike is selected to the HPE Complete program

Building on the success of our partnership, HPE added Aerospike into a select group of leading technology partners that complement the HPE portfolio. You can now conveniently purchase HPE Solutions with Aerospike directly from HPE, including Aerospike software that is rigorously tested and validated with HPE. With pre-defined, purpose-built solutions as well as tested operational models, you can rely on HPE Solutions with Aerospike as a one-stop-shop for your real-time workload needs, all backed by the confidence of HPE.

HPE Alletra and Aerospike within an Enterprise Architecture

diagram: HPE Alletra and Aerospike within an Enterprise Architecture

It’s not enough to have data — it needs to be data that you can access and process in real-time that is most valuable for today’s digital apps.

The Alletra 4110 server is HPE’s latest & fastest next generation server. HPE chose Alletra to bundle with Aerospike to provide the best in class, real-time data platform solution. New HPE Solutions with Aerospike are designed for workloads that require large data sets and real-time data access at the Edge, in a System of Record (SOR) and across data centers and in the cloud. The integrated solution has been tuned to optimize the Alletra & Aerospike performance (e.g. IOPS load). In addition, it is available in preconfigured HPE & Aerospike platform bundles, making it easy for customers to capitalize on leading memory, database, storage, and compute technologies when real time data is required all of the time.

The killer combination: High Performance + Low latency + Unlimited Scale + Low TCO

Whether it be fraud management, customer 360, or AI-based applications and instant decision systems, low latency and high scale are must-haves to operate your business processes at peak performance with the responsiveness and reliability that users expect. HPE Solutions with Aerospike bring together the powerful Aerospike Real-time Data Platform with the high performance of HPE Alletra 4110 EDSFF, all validated in purpose-built configurations, ideally suited for demanding real-time data access.

HPE Alletra 4110 data storage server

The Secret Sauce

Aerospike’s Hybrid Memory Architecture™ is optimized for predictability by accessing indexes from volatile memory instead of the data itself, eliminating latency spikes and ensuring low, constant latency. When this database architecture is combined with the HPE Alletra 4110 (designed with two 4th-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, totaling up to 96 cores, and support for GPU or FPGA accelerators), the result is consistency and predictability. Everyone from the first user to the ten millionth will experience the same latency and performance.

Aerospike Enterprise on HPE delivers affordable large capacity and persistence at near-DRAM performance

Theresa Melvin
Theresa Melvin
“I have to be able to persist millions of events per second, that’s millions of IO’s per second. The only solution that can get close with today’s technology hardware and software is Aerospike…”
Theresa Melvin, Former Chief Architect of AI-driven Big Data Solutions, HPE
PayPal Puts Data at the Heart of its Fraud Strategy with Aerospike

Real-Time, Hyperscale Data Solutions with Predictable Performance

Given the volume, velocity and variety of sensitive customer data, many companies are reinventing their data architecture. Digital applications which need to process and perform real-time decisioning with customer profile data require instant insight at scale.

Read how PayPal scales with Aerospike

Using Aerospike’s Hybrid Memory Architecture™ and HPE servers, Aerospike enables the performance customers demand and expect to provide fast and secure digital payment services — at unlimited scale.

diagram: Aerospike’s Hybrid Memory Architecture