Aerospike Cloud

Aerospike Cloud is the first scalable, real-time Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) on AWS.
Easy, cost-effective way to start developing on Aerospike.

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Aerospike Cloud is a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution offering developers and data teams the full power of the multi-model Aerospike Database delivered as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go, fully elastic service. Aerospike Cloud offers an easy and cost-effective way for developers and data architects to build scalable real-time applications using a fraction of the servers and operational overhead required with traditional data solutions.

Aerospike Cloud
Early Access Program


Aerospike Cloud Configurations

Aerospike Cloud comes in three configurations to meet your needs.


A limited free trial is available to developers and data teams to put Aerospike Cloud through its paces with your data and your code.

  • Multi-zone cluster
  • Health and performance dashboard
  • Spin up a cluster in minutes
  • JSON document REST API
  • Key value REST API


The pay-as-you-go option is the classic Database as a Service (DBaaS) model , designed to get you going in minutes with services billed by the hour or through the use of prepaid AWS credits.

  • Multi-zone cluster
  • Health and performance dashboard
  • Spin up a cluster in minutes
  • JSON document REST API
  • Key value REST API
  • SOC2 & ISO27001 compliant
  • Automated backup and restore
  • 99.99% availability


The Enterprise option provides all the benefits of the pay as you go option with a raft of enterprise grade features including cold and hot standby, multicloud, and multi-region support. Standard plan plus:

  • Auth integration (AD/LDAP)
  • Bring your own account
  • Multi-region
  • Deploy to AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Cold & hot standby
  • Enterprise support

Aerospike Cloud Capabilities

Seamless onboarding

With Aerospike Cloud, developers and data architects get instant access to the full Aerospike Database product and will spend less time managing and tuning their databases and more time delivering mission-critical applications at scale that drive business value. Start processing real-time data in the cloud in minutes with:
  • Automated sign-up process
  • Purchase directly or through AWS Marketplace

Dynamic cluster management

Aerospike Cloud enjoys a heritage of one of the most advanced clustered databases on the market with Aerospike Database 6, deployed with:
  • Dedicated databases
  • Scale up and out
  • 99.99%+ availability
  • Highly resilient with 24x7 support team (SREs)

Performance at scale

Aerospike is renowned for its ability to scale from gigabytes of data under management to terabytes and beyond using the same real-time database engine with: This same engine is used to power systems of record, real-time fraud prevention, customer 360, and wherever you need scalable real-time performance.

Build once, scale forever

Aerospike Cloud enables a cloud native programming model that enables developers to focus on their code and their customers, and not worry about whether their apps will scale. Enabling them to:
  • Build cloud-native apps
  • Use key value, JSON document, and geospatial programming models
  • Connect applications over public internet (level 7 HTTP)
  • Build new real-time applications with enterprise service levels

Pay as you go

With Aerospike Cloud, Aerospike delivers and maintains an optimized deployment of the industry’s most resilient, low latency, high-scale real-time data platform. And you only pay for what you use with:
  • On-demand provisioning
  • Streamlined database fitting
  • Capacity + consumption model
  • Monthly & annual billing options

Supported by the most powerful AWS infrastructure

Aerospike Cloud brings the most powerful real-time database to the cloud and is supported by AWS’s fastest and most performant infrastructure. The result is increased efficiencies with a smaller server footprint to reduce infrastructure costs and carbon footprint significantly. Based on years of production experience with our Aerospike Cloud Managed Service on AWS, enterprise customers of any size will enjoy the same performance, scalability, reliability, and security with Aerospike Cloud.

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