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Standard pricing details


Provisioned Database Capacity    Usage Fees
Storage classMax Unique data (GB)Peak Reads/SecPeak Writes/Sec Hourly PriceHourly PriceHourly PriceData storage $/GBtotal reads ($/M)total writes ($/M)
AWS HMA 23.1.11869,2002,600 $1.20$1.30$1.40$0.75$0.023$0.023
AWS HMA 23.1.237218,5005,300 $1.62$1.76$1.90$0.75$0.023$0.023
AWS HMA 23.1.355827,7007,900 $2.04$2.22$2.40$0.75$0.023$0.023
AWS HMA 23.1.474437,00010,500 $2.46$2.67$2.90$0.75$0.023$0.023
AWS HMA 23.1.593046,20013,100 $2.88$3.13$3.39$0.75$0.023$0.023
AWS HMA 23.1.6111655,50015,800 $3.30$3.59$3.89$0.75$0.023$0.023



Example month

300 hours of workload plan 4 USA$2.46/hr$738
200 GB data stored$0.75/GB$200
12.14B reads$0.023/M$279
900M writes$0.023/M$21
Monthly Total$1,238




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