Superior scalability


Most companies are data rich. In fact, today, many companies are overwhelmed with data volumes measured in terabytes and petabytes. Transaction rates can exceed 1 million per second. Managing this data can be challenging and costly, yet highly profitable if done correctly.

However, application development initiatives often overlook scale as a design criterion. Simple, familiar tools are used when prototyping new applications without giving sufficient thought on performance at scale. Unfortunately, inevitable application performance failures lead to disgruntled users, lost revenue and damaged brand. In the end, the development team will have to re-factor, re-architect and/or rewrite the application. This is expensive, time consuming, painful — but avoidable.

Aerospike has built a unique, in-memory technology that can reliably handle millions of transactions per second and large data volumes at low latency. Because the Aerospike in-memory database optimizes hardware efficiency, customers can often reduce production hardware footprints by up to an order of magnitude. Easily add or remove nodes to adjust throughput or storage capacity with linear scalability, even while under production load. Aerospike is the best choice for applications that require scale readiness. TCO can be reduced substantially and the load on the DevOps team minimized.