Aerospike Kubernetes Operator

Run your data and clusters in the cloud with Kubernetes Operator

The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator delivers cloud portability for your data and clusters automating operational best practices for deploying and managing the Aerospike database.

Unify your platform across multiple infrastructures

No need to worry about the operations of your Aerospike clusters

The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator lets you efficiently deploy and operate your Aerospike clusters. It automates the management of common tasks such as the configuration, provisioning, scaling, and recovery of Aerospike clusters, thereby reducing the complexity of manual deployment and lifecycle management.


Benefits of the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator

Automate database provisioning, scaling and maintenance. Abstract away the complexities of high availability and zero-downtime upgrades with native Kubernetes.

Reduce operational complexity
Automated upgrade/downgrade and other configuration changes.
Easily coordinate a large number of clusters.
Provide granular control of security and encryption to meet regulatory compliance.
Aerospike meets Red Hat standards of interoperability, security and life cycle management when deployed on Red Hat OpenShift.

The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator

The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator uses the Operator Framework to efficiently deploy, manage and update their Aerospike clusters.

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Key features to make operating Aerospike easier

Scale and complexity are inherent with today’s applications. Running the Kubernetes Operator lets you keep up automated maintenance operations and upgrades – it’s built right in.

Cluster provisioning

The Operator takes care of provisioning nodes according to your exact requirements.

Multiple clusters and XDR

Deploy in a single Kubernetes namespace or in multiple Kubernetes namespaces.

Persistent storage volumes

Defined for each node in your cluster to allow pods to be recovered.

Backup and Auto-recovery

Detect node failures and use object store as a backup target.

Automatic scalability

Scale your cluster up or down by changing a single configuration parameter.

Rack awareness

Support for high availability provisioning clusters across availability zones.

Warm restarts

Restart the Aerospike service without deleting pods for cluster changes.

Network and load balancing

Discover Aerospike externally, use host networking, and configure DNS policy.

Transport layer security

Map secrets to each container within a pod. Feed client certificates to the operator.

OLM support

Install, manage and upgrade the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator 2.0 with Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM).

RedHat OpenShift container platform

Certified on RHOS container platform.

Helm charts support

Easily set up the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator and deploy Aerospike clusters with Helm charts.

Manage Aerospike clusters on Kubernetes

The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator unburdens organizations from the complexity of infrastructure operations and empowers them to manage Aerospike clusters and data with maximum flexibility.

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High-level architecture

With a custom controller written in Go, the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator allows administrators to manage the lifecycle and monitor the state of an Aerospike cluster.

Layered orchestration

A layered approach to orchestration allows the management of Aerospike cluster tasks outside of the Aerospike deployment.

Built for stateful applications

Using Kubernetes StatefulSets, it manages the deployment and scaling of a set of Pods where Aerospike resides.


Supports Kubernetes 1.16+, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

What do customers say about Aerospike?


Playtika, global gaming giant turns to Aerospike to simplify its architecture

“Aerospike has done the unthinkable: they cut our server footprint by a factor of six while boosting our performance 300%.”
Guy Almog, Head of IT Engineering, Playtika

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Ready to get started?

Running the Kubernetes Operator lets you keep up automated maintenance operations and upgrades built right in.

Aerospike Kubernetes Operator
  • Simplify complexity

    Scale and complexity are inherent with today’s applications, deploy cluster with confidence.

  • Automate the lifecycle management

    Automated installation, upgrades, and lifecycle management throughout the container stack. Manage your Aerospike Cluster according to proven best practices.

  • Agile DevOps

    The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator reduces cost, effort, and complexity supporting organization moving to agile DevOps.

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