Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

About this video

Ronen Botzer discusses the recent developments in Aerospike Database.

In this session, Ronen Botzer, Director of Product at Aerospike, focuses on Aerospike 6 and the upcoming version 7. He highlights improvements in operational efficiency, scalability, and flexibility, emphasizing changes in secondary indexes, memory management, and API enhancements.

Highlights covered:

🌱 Aerospike Database 6 focused on operational rewrite of secondary indexes, allowing for horizontal scaling of large queries, benefiting analytics connectors and backup processes.

🌱 Introduced partition-based secondary index queries, enabling parallel processing and enhancing performance for large-scale operations.

🌱 Added support for deploying secondary indexes in persistent memory and flash, providing flexibility in memory management for different use cases.

🌱 Enhanced developer API by unifying query subsystem for primary and secondary index queries, enabling easier application development and integration.

🌱 Expanded data type support for indexing, including blob data types, maps, lists, and doubles, enhancing data modeling capabilities.

🌱 Improved batch operations with support for batch deletes and writes, removing previous batch size limits for operational flexibility.

🌱 Upcoming features include default ETL configurations at the set level, Lua 54 integration, and multi-record transactions, enhancing overall database functionality.