Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

About this video

Aerospike CEO Subbu Iyer discusses reducing carbon footprint and server count in this session.

In this session, Iyer discusses how Aerospike can contribute to reducing carbon emissions, focusing on IT sustainability, and the impact of AI and cloud computing on carbon emissions. He includes examples from Wayfair and PayPal, who showed significant server reductions and improved performance. He also emphasizes Aerospike’s unique hybrid memory architecture (HMA) and its support for various data models, including key-value, JSON, and graph data.

Throughout the session, Iyer covers how…

🌱 Aerospike addresses IT sustainability and carbon emissions in the context of AI and cloud computing.

🌱 Global electricity consumption by computers is projected to increase by 20% by 2030.

🌱 Training a single AI model emits as much carbon dioxide as 5x the lifetime emissions of an American car.

🌱 Cloud computing’s carbon footprint now surpasses that of the airline industry.

🌱 Digitization and data usage pose challenges to sustainability, but Aerospike’s efficient database platform can help.

🌱 Aerospike supports multiple data models, including key-value, JSON, and graph, delivering predictable performance and low TCO.