Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

About this video

Learn how Dream11, a fantasy sports platform with 190 million users, overcame challenges with scaling and consistency with Aerospike.

In this session, Bipul Karnani, Principal Engineer, Dream11 and Atul Dusane, Principal Engineer, Dream11, discuss how their team transitioned from using Amazon RDS and Elasticsearch for persistence and caching to adopting Aerospike to improve scalability, high availability, and consistency.

Highlights covered:

🌱 Dream11 faced issues with scalability, pagination queries, high infrastructure costs, and limited consistency in their match services.

🌱 Implemented smart pagination using Aerospike operations to efficiently serve pagination queries and achieve scalability.

🌱 Dream11 achieved high availability and robustness, handling 5 million writes per second and 1.3 million reads per second.

🌱 They conducted extensive chaos testing, including single-node failures and split-brain scenarios, to ensure rapid recovery and stability.