Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

About this video

This presentation discusses the role of technology in the banking industry in India, with a focus on HDFC Bank.

In this session, Prasad Hebbar, Senior Executive Vice President – Technology, HDFC Bank and Athreya Gopalakrishna, Executive Vice President – Technology, HDFC Bank, highlight the widespread adoption of digital banking in India, the ecosystem supporting banking technology, and the challenges and opportunities unique to the Indian market.

Highlights include:

🌱 Technology is transforming banking in India, with the adoption of digital transactions in various aspects of daily life.
🌱 The Indian banking technology ecosystem is flourishing thanks to a solid regulatory framework, abundant talent, and maturing cloud technology.
🌱 India leads in real-time payments, with 46% of global transactions, creating opportunities for further financial inclusion.
🌱 Unique challenges in India include the need for scalable systems, highly available and resilient infrastructure, geographical diversity, and expanding credit access.
🌱 The presentation emphasizes the importance of designing resilient systems, inspired by the enduring example of the Egyptian pyramids.