Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

About this video

Myntra’s team shares how they use Aerospike to achieve their sustainability goals.

In this presentation, Pawan Gaur, Associate Director at Myntra and Nikhit Nair, Associate Architect at Myntra discuss the company’s journey with Aerospike, focusing on achieving sub-millisecond latency for their growing operations and RPMs. They highlight Myntra’s vision of making fashion and lifestyle accessible through technology while also emphasizing sustainability efforts. The presentation covers their history, technology stack, the decision to move to Aerospike Enterprise, and key use cases.

Highlights covered:

🌱 Myntra’s vision is to democratize fashion and lifestyle through technology, emphasizing sustainability.

🌱 Myntra transitioned from using the community edition to the Enterprise version of Aerospike for scaling their operations.

🌱 Key reasons for adopting Aerospike Enterprise include scalability, technology features, connectors, cost savings, and partnership support.

🌱 Extensive evaluations led to choosing Aerospike Enterprise over other database solutions.

🌱 Aerospike outperformed other databases in terms of latency and operational efficiency.

🌱 Myntra has multiple Aerospike clusters with varying configurations and node sizes.

🌱 Key use cases for Aerospike at Myntra include powering searches with millions of operations per second and achieving sub-millisecond response times.