Aerospike: Digital Transformation and Our Clients’ Journey

John Dillon, CEO of Aerospike, describes the journey he sees with Aerospike clients as they tackle digital transformation.

This thing we’re talking about called digital transformation is happening industry by industry. It’s a great opportunity to transform a business, to use data in a way it’s never been used before, apply new technologies in new ways, and we’re very excited to be a part of that. We can make things possible that simply weren’t possible before.

We’re extremely focused on our clients’ journeys. Almost all of our customers are building mission critical applications, they want to make sure it’s going to work. Often times they have had older systems that have fallen over because the technology just couldn’t handle the scale. It’s almost always the case that clients are surprised, pleasantly, by the speed and capability Aerospike can tackle the technical problems that were heretofore intractable.

When I speak with Aerospike customers, they usually tell me two things, “I couldn’t do it without Aerospike,” and, “It just works.”

We partner with these customers, we’ve got their back, we’re on the journey with them together, we promise that we’re not going to let them down and we’re faithful to that promise and that commitment.

Each time we engage with a new client, we learn and we always listen. One of the things that we do, is we’re a customer-driven company. We focus on what the customers need and we listen to their inputs, we sift through it and we build technology, enhance our technology, so that it continues to be ahead of where the customers are going and it meets the future requirements as well, as well as the requirements today. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric and I think it really serves us well.

Personally, I’m very gratified and so is our team, that some of the largest companies in the world have entrusted us with these mission critical applications. When they tell us, ‘It just works. We love your support,’ it feels so good because we can’t win, we can’t be successful, as a vendor, as a supplier, unless our clients are successful. That’s the most important thing for Aerospike.