Aerospike + Intel® Persistent Memory

Ginger Gilsdorf, Application Engineer, Intel

Intel and Aerospike have actually been working together for several years. At Intel, we really enjoy having Aerospike as part of our product launches because we tend to get really good performance numbers with you all.

With Intel's upcoming persistent memory technology, Aerospike users are gaining really two important things. First being persistence. You'll be able to retain your index on reboots, saving a lot of time. Instead of rebuild the index, all you have to do is reattach to it. And the second being capacity. You'll be able to store more data because you'll have more room for the index.

So with Intel's upcoming persistent memory and Aerospike together, you'll be able to reduce your TCO by avoiding the need to scale out. You should be able to store more data on a single node instead of having to go out and get another system. And then you're reducing your downtime because when you reboot, your index is already there. You don't have to rebuild it. You just reattach to it. It's much, much faster.