Aerospike + Intel® persistent memory

Ginger Gilsdorf, Application Engineer, Intel

There has always been a trade-off to consider when deciding where to place data structures: DRAM (memory) is too expensive, but SSDs are too slow. Aerospike’s in-memory index provides very fast lookup times but comes with a few pain points for users. In order to store more data, one must add more costly DRAM. In addition, every system reboot requires the index to be rebuilt; a process which can take hours. Believe it or not, these concerns can become a thing of the past, thanks to Aerospike’s partnership with Intel’s upcoming persistent memory technology. Come to this session to hear how Aerospike plans to take advantage of the large capacity, low cost, and persistence of Intel 3D XPoint™ technology to store the index, saving users both time and money.

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