Video: Powering Business Moments

The cornerstone of Digital Economy is a business moment, a critical fraction of a second within which a lighting-fast chain reaction takes place that transforms data into insight and turns an opportunity into the business value.

Across industries, real-time decision-making is an absolute must-have. Today, the shot clock for business has shrunk to microseconds. To leverage a business moment, analysis and action have to happen at once at the same instance. Not every once in a while but each and every time.

When a consumer shows up at the digital or physical storefront, when a business faces the threat of a cyber attack, when the unhappy customers of a telecom company are about to trade providers, when a new fraud pattern emerging at payment instance, and when high-frequency trading can change risk profile of a bank, insight needs to be instantly actioned.

Traditional data architectures were not designed to cope with the speed of digital economy scale enterprise engagements. Furthermore, they are optimized for either running operations or performing decision analysis, but not together.

Watch the video to learn how digital enterprises transform their database architecture to achieve real-time decision analysis in business moments.