ScaleFlux: Maximizing the Benefit of Flash Storage for Aerospike

Hao Zhong, CEO and Co-Founder, ScaleFlux

At Scaleflux, we pioneered a product called computational storage. By doing computational storage, we are bringing computing closer to the data to dramatically improve the efficiency of the computing and storage subsystems.

In terms of low latency and high performance, key-value store database Aerospike is the best choice, and probably the only choice, for large scale deployments.

At Scaleflux, we optimize the flash device that can better support Aerospike with consistent low latency, high transaction per second and make our customer application much more efficient. With Aerospike, we can use high performance database together with efficient flash device to dramatically reduce the number of servers you need for your application.

With Aerospike and Scaleflux, what we can achieve is using only one-third of the computational storage versus commodity PCIE NVMe SSDs so we can achieve 3x CapEx on the spending and meanwhile, you also are significantly saving your OpEx because you have less numbers of servers and memory as well as storage.