Aerospike Summit '19

About this video

The wait is over: Intel’s breakthrough non-volatile memory technology is now available for purchase. Optane DC persistent memory is faster and more durable than NAND while also more affordable and more dense than DRAM. Aerospike Enterprise Edition version 4.5 already includes support for persistent memory, so what are you waiting for? This session provides an overview of persistent memory, describes the different operating modes, and explains how Aerospike users benefit from storing the primary index on large capacity, affordable persistent memory instead of DRAM.

Benefits of Aerospike with Intel Persistent Memory include:
– DRAM-like performance with much higher capacity
– Data Persistence when system is powered down
– Lower and predictable latency than NAND Flash
– Allows “RAM index” at a fraction of the cost
– Data in NAND for up to 10x scale improvement
– Greater predictability
– Significantly higher density than DRAM only

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