Aerospike Summit '19

About this video

Nielsen stores ad tech device information and event history in real-time on billions of users. Low latency transactions on user objects are paramount to keeping their competitive edge. They conduct real-time modeling and analysis, returning the information to the user in 200 milliseconds or less: Aerospike is a key portion of this. As such, reliable replication across various points of presence is critical.

Nielsen Marketing Cloud has over 60 servers running Aerospike in 7 datacenters across three continents. Operationally, this can raise some challenging scenarios:
– In 2012, Hurricane Sandy induced their entire main New York City datacenter to lose power.
– Smoothly conducting an entire datacenter hardware refresh.
– …and others

Hear how certain attributes and features of the database and Henry’s operational knowledge of both the Nielsen Marketing Cloud and Aerospike have met these numerous operational challenges.

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