Aerospike Summit '19

About this video

Signal sits at the intersection of the adtech and martech ecosystems and enables brands and agencies to build low-latency, large-scale identity graphs for media activation and identity resolution. In the first hundred days of 2018, we moved from Cassandra to Aerospike for our main data store. In that rare engineering trifecta, we’ve found that it’s faster, cheaper, and far more reliable. Over the last year, we’ve unwound a lot of the weirdware we built to compensate for Cassandra’s short comings. Now, we are combining our operational experience and the improvements in Aerospike v4 to build the next generation of our data model. After discussing key lessons from the migration, this session will cover how we are using Aerospike as the foundation for building a new system that relies on event sourcing and CRDTs (conflict-free replicated data types) to create both operational ease and provably consistent data at scale, without centralized coordination.

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