Aerospike Summit '20

About this video

Internet payment companies, typically described as digital payment platforms either increasingly rely on infrastructural properties to expand and maintain their market authority or on `platformization` of their capabilities. PhonePe has forged its way by combining both – relying on `platformization` to achieve network effects and to gain market authority on the one hand; ubiquitous and reliable provision of a service, similar to the traditional mandate of infrastructure on the other.

At PhonePe we use Aerospike to power a humungous amount of platform components with incredible sophistication to power a variety of use cases; A few of them… (not limited to..)… are Dynamic Code Push, Growth, Recommendation Engine, Chatbots, and Security Analysers

We also extensively use XDR. Besides the variety of data models and design principles we follow on each of the platform components, one of the other main intents of this talk is also to go over XDR on each, explain the compromises we have had to make – when complex/custom data types are used, and how we have had to design for aggregates – and the likes.

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