The Science Behind Delightful User Experience

Mikhail Kourjanski, PhD., Lead Data Architect, Risk and Compliance Management Platform, PayPal

PayPal’s Risk and Compliance management platform enables unparalleled safe and trusted Digital Payments. PayPal users can send payments instantaneously across 200 countries knowing their payments will be secure and safe. How does PayPal achieve this, especially, in today’s environment of extremely sophisticated and capable fraudsters? PayPal has built in-house end-to-end platform out of necessity, which has now become a competitive advantage. This platform has blurred the boundaries between Big Data and Fast Data to accelerate real-time fraud detection to safely process $282B payment volume annually. PayPal is innovating deep analytics to rapidly respond to emerging fraud patterns, then deploying into an event-driven, fast data, in-memory architecture to accelerate detection, reduce losses and achieve near-continuous availability.

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