When Five Nines Is Not Enough: What 100% Uptime Looks Like

Timothy Smith, SVP and GM, Global Technical Infrastructure & Operations, AppNexus

AppNexus is Aerospike’s first customer and substantial portion of the world’s internet advertising flows through AppNexus.  Come and hear about some of the lessons learned as AppNexus scaled its zero down time infrastructure over the past 10 years while the company ramped up from startup founded on a couch in an apartment in Manhattan to 1,000 people spread across 26 global offices. Aerospike is one of the key operational systems core component of the AppNexus infrastructure, namely, the cookie store.  This cookie store now houses tens of billions of objects with millions of read/write operations per second spanning a half-dozen geographically distributed data centers. Hear how both the size and speed increased 40-fold over a six-year period.

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