Ad Tech: Competitive advantage through a better database



Presented by
Jim Nail, Principal Analyst, Forrester and Jonathan LeDuc, Lead Project Manager, Adition

About this talk
Whether you are a DSP, an SSP, or a DMP – you are looking to process massive amounts of data in just milliseconds. Doing so can optimize effective cost per click (or action), optimize open auctions, or improve your customers’ Ad targeting, user profiling, look-alike modeling, or audience analytics. All of these point to the bottom line.

Join this webinar, where guest speaker Jim Nail, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Jonathan LeDuc, Lead Project Manager at Adition, will cover:

– An overview of the latest complexities the Ad Tech industry faces, from both the analyst and vendor perspectives
– How industry leaders are managing their omnichannel touches across search, display, mobile and the ability to move across these domains just as their customers do
– Their firsthand experience working with ad tech data at scale, dealing with operational challenges, and what the benefits of an improved database infrastructure yield