Blasting through the 4 biggest challenges to leveraging AI in financial services



Presented by
Stuart Tarmy, Global Director of Financial Services Industry at Aerospike

About this talk
During this 45 minute BrightTALK Summit presentation Stuart Tarmy, Global Director of Financial Services Industry, Aerospike will be discussing how our customers are addressing the key challenges present in leveraging AI effectively in Financial Services.

Some of the areas that we will cover are:

  1. Advances in AI to significantly improve model development and performance, and how to approach your AI journey.
  2. The importance and challenges of bringing in multiple types of data and why a large volume of data (up to a point) is essential to improve AI-based system performance to achieve business success.
  3. Best practice technology architectures for building and deploying leading edge AI-based applications for real-time performance.
  4. Considerations for implementing AI in a multi-cloud, on-prem hybrid environment.