Customer Briefing: Aerospike 4.5 for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory



About this webinar

– Brian Bulkowski, CTO & Co-founder, Aerospike
– Alper Ilkbahar, Vice President & General Manager Memory and Storage, Intel

Intel’s Optane DC persistent memory with 3D Xpoint technology will fundamentally change the database market. Machine Learning-based applications such as fraud prevention, digital payments, real-time bidding and recommendation engines ingest hundreds of terabytes or more of data continuously.

Effectively storing and accessing this data to allow the applications to make the right decisions in real-time is critical. Intel Optane DC persistent memory is a ground breaking innovation that will enable databases to scale and meet the demands of modern machine learning based applications.

Intel and Aerospike have been working for years to test and tune how Optane DC persistent memory works for production level environments.

Aerospike Enterprise Edition 4.5 is the first commercially available open database that takes full advantage of Intel Optane DC persistent memory (PM) technology. The combination of Aerospike 4.5 and Optane DC promise to deliver massive scale improvements – orders of magnitude – at low cost, with unsurpassed persistence and reliability.

Join this Special Customer Briefing featuring Brian Bulkowski, CTO & Co-founder of Aerospike, along with Alper Ilkbahar, Vice President & General Manager Memory and Storage Solutions Group of Intel. Each will share perspective on the significance of these advancements.

You’ll hear details on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory directly from one of Intel’s most influential executives and Brian’s expectations for what 4.5 will mean for Aerospike customers.