DigiTwin - Premium Customer Experience with the “Power of Now”



Presented by
Amit Raj & Elaine Fletcher from Hoonartek, Kevin Keller & Shahed Mazumder from Aerospike

About this talk
Real-Time Data Platform specialist Aerospike and their big data SI partner Hoonartek are pleased to introduce “DigiTwin”, a highly customizable Customer Data Platform (CDP), combining the Aerospike RTDP, middleware, and a robust set of APIs that can demonstrate proof of value using customer provided data within less than a day.

Telco customers today demand the immediacy of now, with the intimacy of a segment of one, over their omnichannel choice of convenience. Leading communication service providers (CSPs) dominate the market because they deliver this as a superior capability. But how? Have they replaced their entire OSS/BSS stacks with a real-time technology ecosystem? The answer is- No. Instead, they have introduced a massively scalable real-time middleware that makes use of the existing OSS/BSS stacks to deliver direct services in a fast and hyper-personalized manner. And the brain behind that middleware is the data platform that offers a unique combination of low latency, massive scale, and strong consistency. Use cases such as “Customer 360” leverage this capability to provide a premium customer experience.

Join this webinar to hear how the innovators who delivered this custom solution for a leading global tier-1 CSP, have recently released a commercially available platform called “DigiTwin” to bring the same capabilities to you.

Amit Raj, APAC & Middle East Business Manager, Hoonartek
Elaine Fletcher, Americas, UK & Europe Business Manager, Hoonartek
Kevin Keller, Global Director, Channel Solution Sales, Aerospike
Shahed Mazumder, Global Director, Telecom Solutions, Aerospike