Driving E-commerce recommendations in real-time - What's needed



Presented by
Sandeep Nawathe, Head of Engineering at Adobe and Sheryl Kingstone, Analyst at 451 Research

About this talk
Better e-commerce isn’t exclusive to a faster web or mobile site: it’s about delivering contextual, personalized, relevant experiences in real-time. The challenge is collecting transactional information and combining it with historic and interactional data. These sources can range from CRM, ERP, and marketing technology systems. The experiences need to be delivered in real-time from these disparate sources for any channel. At the heart of unforgettable experiences that increase customer loyalty is a real-time customer profile that aggregates every identity fragment created by an application or system. Additionally, these real-time profiles need to scale to deliver insights for the next best actions from not terabytes but petabytes of data in the Experience Era.

In this webinar, guest presenter Sheryl Kingston, Research Vice President and General Manager for 451 Research, and Sandeep Nawathe, Senior Director of Engineering for Adobe Experience Platform, will discuss:

– E-commerce trends from both traditional retailers moving more online and from upstarts.
– What infrastructure requirements are to support real-time customer experience and recommendations at the edge.
– How to take the right action at the right time across any channel.