Durability & performance with Intel® Optane™ DC PMEM



Presented by
Srini Srinivasan Chief Product Officer at Aerospike & Alper Ilkbahar, VP & GM of the Memory & Storage Products Group at Intel

About this talk
Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory is an innovative memory technology that delivers a unique combination of affordable large capacity and support for data persistence. This technology can help businesses get faster insights from their data-intensive applications as well as deliver the benefits of consistently improved service scalability with higher virtual machine and container density.

Aerospike is the first commercial/open database that supports Intel’s innovative product lines – Intel PMEM and Intel ADQ. The close collaboration between Aerospike and Intel resulted in unprecedented performance gains and low latency in applications powered by the Aerospike database.

Aerospike 4.8 further enhances Aerospike’s Hybrid-Memory Architecture™ to enable both database indexes and data to be stored in Intel Optane DC persistent memory. Storing data in persistent memory boosts operational performance because of near-DRAM levels of latency and throughput. Combined with strong consistency, Aerospike can provide the durability required for mission-critical applications, where lost data can result in regulatory compliance issues and significant financial penalties. Additionally storing indices in persistent memory allows a node to be restarted in minutes, rather than hours typical of traditional NoSQL and in-memory databases which can save millions of dollars.

Join this Special Update featuring Srini Srinivasan, Chief Product Officer and Founder at Aerospike, and Alper Ilkbahar, Vice President and General Manager of the Memory & Storage Products Group at Intel. Each will share perspective on the significance of these advancements, and how this can benefit Aerospike customers.