Evaluating HBase and NoSQL solutions for real-time system of record



About this webinar

Presented by
– Noel Yuhanna, Sr. Analyst, Forrester
– Theresa Melvin, Global Chief Architect, HPE Labs
– Srini Srinivasan, CPO, Aerospike

About this talk
With real-time data-centric applications becoming more prominent, performance and scalability requirements are likewise becoming more and more demanding as companies are looking to execute their digital transformations. For NoSQL and non-relational databases, some have reputations for performance, while others focus on scalability. Yet the most innovative companies are often those that get their database platforms to provide both.

In this webinar, Forrester Sr. Analyst Noel Yuhanna, and Aerospike Chief Product Officer and Founder, Srini Srinivasan, will walk through:

  • Roadblocks and hurdles organizations across industries face when looking to transform their real-time use cases.
  • Common architectural deployment patterns for multiple industries and their pros and cons.
  • Where technologies like Hbase and other NoSQL solutions have been used for, and trends observed in the industry.