Modernizing the Future of Financial Services: Best Practices and Tips



Presented by
Stuart Tarmy, Global Director, Industry Solutions, Aerospike & Daniele Angeli, Founder & CEO, MOLO17

About this talk
Banks, insurance companies and other financial organizations rely on mission-critical financial applications for their real-time needs. Modern needs include handling transactions, trade management, risk analysis, compliance, customer personalization, fraud prevention and more.

Digital transformation is key to ensuring financial services are delivered in an accurate, flawless and high-performing manner, which draws customers and ensures competitiveness.
Companies like Barclays, Fidelity, DBS and Charles Schwab have all transitioned to a real-time data platform to increase throughput, reduce latency and minimize false positives, all while reducing costs and ensuring ease of management.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
– How real-time data can drive the digitization of your banking services and applications
– What are the top real-time data use cases for modern banks and institutions to address
– Which major financial institutions have transitioned to a real-time technology architecture
– Why implementing a robust, real-time technology solution can improve your customer360 applications while gaining a competitive advantage
– Best practice technology architectures to enable digital banking and finances
– How to bridge data in legacy relational databases with a real-time data platform
– How to migrate Terabytes or Petabytes of data from a soon to be end-of-life Big Data solution

Join this webinar featuring our partners at MOLO17 to learn best practices and tips for financial services and why digital transformation is key for the financial services industry.