How the right data platform can lower risk



Presented by
Lenley Hensarling, Chief Strategy Officer, Aerospike Matt Bushell, Director of Product and Solutions Marketing, Aerospike

About this talk
Banks, brokerages, global instant payment systems – they all rely on data in an instant to verify, authenticate, approve, and ultimately transact. But the challenge is always the changing landscape of tactics that fraudsters will employ. To adjust, financial services organizations often employ massive datasets powered by machine learning to outwit malevolent actors in real-time.

– What some of the trends are across industry and the growing global threats
– How a top global brokerage firm lowered its pre-trade risk and was able to offload its mainframes, saving literally $10,000 USD per day in the process
– How PayPal scaled its real-time fraud prevention dataset from 10TB to 160TB while avoiding $5M USD a day in losses, improving its fraud prevention SLAs by a factor of 30
– How LexisNexis Solutions drives higher fidelity models by processing more data within tight SLAs