Beyond identity - The pitfalls of not becoming identity agnostic in 2023



About this webinar

Dan Jaye, Co-Founder & CEO at Aqfer
Daniel Landsman, Global Director of Ad Tech & Gaming at Aerospike

Sure, when you first started working with your identity provider, you fell in love with the promise of being able to run more effective and measurable campaigns. But guess what – we’re no longer in 2017. The world has changed. The world is awash with identity providers, clean rooms, spines, and a mixture of first, second, third, and even zero-party data.

Today, advertisers cannot rely anymore on a single identity provider, locked into buying media on one single platform. The world is moving to buy-side cross-platform control, and soon media buyers will be able to navigate between platforms to spend efficiently and maximize ad performance across the entire advertising ecosystem. But to make this a reality, there must be an access point with a lynchpin stitching together the fragmented ecosystem. With companies vying for spend and leveraging the data to ensure its security, as a marketer or advertiser, you need to be neutral.

Let us show you how it’ll happen.

Aerospike and Aqfer are teaming up to dive into some of the problems plaguing the Ad Tech, FinTech, and Retail ecosystems in a joint webinar. Designed for marketers, advertisers, and the service providers who support them, we’ll tackle how the ecosystems have evolved across digital platforms to now include not only web and mobile ads, but also CTV, Digital OOH, gaming devices, and customer 360.

In this webinar, you’ll gain insights to:

  • How limited coverage of identifiers leave gaps in your ability to understand your audience
  • The breakdown between identity resolution and measurable marketing performance
  • Misaligned expectations on what identity resolution can actually deliver
  • How to operationalize identity data for real-time activation at scale
  • How leading organizations are winning with an infrastructure designed to bring apps to their data.