Rakuten: Using Aerospike for Targeted Ads



Presented by
Clarence Tauro, Principal Consultant at Aerospike; Rongxin Xia, Technical Lead and Architect at Rakuten Asia

About this talk
Rakuten is one of the biggest eCommerce players in Japan. One of its major revenue streams comes from advertising. The team that is in-charge of Ad Delivery is based in their Singapore office. Today, they will share how they leverage Aerospike for their targeted or personalised advertisements for their Japanese shoppers. Aerospike has greatly contributed in Rakuten’s drive to increase their revenue year on year.

Additionally, this session will also help you to understand the basics of Aerospike, a multi-model real-time data platform and how to serialize (save) Java objects into Aerospike database and deserialize (load) Aerospike records into Java objects using the object mapper.