The smart future of industrial IoT



Presented by
Christian Renaud, Research Vice President, 451 Research and Danny Bedgood, Global VP Vertical Industry Solutions, Aerospike

About this talk
IoT sensors and monitoring devices on industrial equipment are ushering in a new era for smart manufacturing, oil and gas, and transportation and logistics. Yet IoT devices are only as good as their resultant data that can be leveraged to mitigate equipment malfunctions, predict and assess material arrivals, and optimize manufacturing and processing flows.

Whether you’re just getting your industrial IoT infrastructure in place, or you’re modernizing and adding edge systems, your database and edge data processing capabilities will be the linchpins of your success. Accurate, real-time analysis of IoT data empowers asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance, supply chain and warehousing status, better manufacturing capacity and planning, improved safety, and extended the lifetime of critical equipment.

Join this webinar to learn how to build a connected data infrastructure that will help your IoT-driven industrial processes flourish. We’ll show you:

– Trends in IoT data architectures to address IT & OT needs for manufacturing, oil and gas, and transportation and logistics
– What a comprehensive edge-to-core IoT blueprint looks like
– The role of AI and ML analysis to speed and optimize industrial IoT data
– Industrial IoT use cases & how different devices fit into IoT architecture