Snap: Developing faster, cheaper, and highly scalable solutions at scale



Presented by
Saral Jain, Sr Dir of Eng, Enterprise & Cloud Services @ Snap & Srini Srinivasan, VP Engineering & Co-Founder @ Aerospike

About this talk
Snap, the parent company to the global social media app, Snapchat, faces multiple challenges with its globally popular, real-time applications. Hear how Saral Jain, Senior Director of Engineering, Enterprise and Cloud Services at Snap, is overcoming these challenges with Aerospike to build not just the proverbial “faster/cheaper”, but to do so at massive scale and growth rates.

Watch this webinar to learn how Snap leverages Aerospike to power important features such as:
– Monetization
– Core infrastructure
– Growth management
– Creative tools
– Discovery/spotlight features (i.e. search/advertising)

Plus, get an overview of Snap’s infrastructure evolution, workloads, and overall business impact with Aerospike.