Starburst, Aerospike, and the future of SQL analytics

Presented by

– Matt Bushell, Head of Product Marketing, Aerospike
– Richard DeMare, Director of Embedded/OEM, Starburst

About this talk

Starburst and Aerospike provide a glimpse of the future of SQL analytics with a joint solution that provides massively parallel SQL queries against real-time datasets in the Aerospike database. Starburst Enterprise is the hottest SQL engine for a host of data/analytics pipelines and use cases. Aerospike Database is the most sophisticated real-time NoSQL database on the market, providing predictable sub-millisecond data operations at gigabyte-to-petabyte scale, all at an affordable cost.

Join Aerospike Head of Product and Solutions Marketing Matt Bushell and Starburst Director of Embedded/OEM Richard DeMare as they discuss:

  • The future of SQL analytics
  • The challenge of “analytics anywhere” with real-time data
  • An overview and demo of the joint solution
  • The expanded partnership between the two industry leaders