How real-time data and vector can unlock AI/ML apps



About this webinar

Machine Learning (ML) has long been at the core of real-time decisioning for mission critical applications like fraud prevention, customer 360, and recommendations. However, with the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs) powering Generative AI (GenAI) applications, the world is left to ponder how to best employ the advent of this generational technology.

Real-time, multi-model databases are the key to unlock both current and pending technologies. To-date, real-time databases have been able to stream in, store, and access data. Data modeling techniques allow developers to “bend the data” to their will, be it key-value for fast lookups, document for rich online applications, or graph for discovering connections. Vector is merely the newest entrant to participate.

Learn how cutting-edge organizations are leveraging advanced databases from Mike Gualtieri, VP Principal, Forrester, and Lenley Hensarling, Aerospike’s Chief Product Officer. We’ll look at how real-time application designs are helping customers navigate today’s volatile market pressures and more.