Viettel’s journey to an international-awarded online charging system with Aerospike



About this webinar

Presented by
– Quan Nguyen-Hoang, Technical Leader, Viettel
– Aveekshith Bushan, Regional Director APAC, Aerospike

About this talk
Aerospike is trusted by leading global enterprises to build and deploy modern data architecture solutions. In 2016, Aerospike started a partnership with Viettel that led to the creation of the international award-winning Viettel Online Charging System (vOCS). From zero subscribers and in just two years, Viettel OCS system has served more than 170 million subscribers in 11 countries with an availability of 99.999%, and more than 3000 tariff packets/system.

Attend to learn from this incredibly successful case study:

  • Key aspects of the successful partnership between Viettel and Aerospike, and future plans for further cooperation
  • How DB technology can make such innovation in an essential system at the core of telecommunication infrastructure
  • Why choosing an OSS/BSS solution utilising advanced DB technology does not only provide TCO optimisation but also a remarkable advantage over traditional DB system users