Western Digital's Data Technology Solutions Virtual Event



About this webinar

Presented by
– Pradeep Bhomia
– Sridhar Sabesan
– Naresh Rana
– Manpreet Ahluwalia
– Aveekshith Bushan

About this talk
For decades, faster data access and data consistency for transactional workloads has been a major topic, fueled in part by the power and appeal of distributed computing environments. For firms struggling to manage high and rapidly growing volumes of operational data in real-time, it is worth exploring how recent advances in database management technology provided by combining Aerospike’s distributed NoSQL system with Western Digital’s OpenFlex Composable Infrastructure can help achieve these goals.

Join Aerospike, Airtel, and Western Digital as they discuss real-time data management with low-latency NVMe over fabrics technology.