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as_serializer.h File Reference
#include <aerospike/as_buffer.h>
#include <aerospike/as_std.h>
#include <aerospike/as_types.h>
#include <aerospike/as_util.h>
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Data Structures

struct  as_serializer
struct  as_serializer_hooks


AS_EXTERN as_serializeras_serializer_cons (as_serializer *serializer, bool free, const as_serializer_hooks *hooks)
static int as_serializer_deserialize (as_serializer *serializer, as_buffer *buffer, as_val **val)
AS_EXTERN void as_serializer_destroy (as_serializer *)
AS_EXTERN as_serializeras_serializer_init (as_serializer *serializer, const as_serializer_hooks *hooks)
AS_EXTERN as_serializeras_serializer_new (const as_serializer_hooks *)
static int as_serializer_serialize (as_serializer *serializer, as_val *val, as_buffer *buffer)
static uint32_t as_serializer_serialize_getsize (as_serializer *serializer, as_val *val)
static int32_t as_serializer_serialize_presized (as_serializer *serializer, const as_val *val, uint8_t *buf)

Function Documentation

AS_EXTERN as_serializer* as_serializer_cons ( as_serializer serializer,
bool  free,
const as_serializer_hooks hooks 
static int as_serializer_deserialize ( as_serializer serializer,
as_buffer buffer,
as_val **  val 

Definition at line 92 of file as_serializer.h.

References as_util_hook.

AS_EXTERN void as_serializer_destroy ( as_serializer )
AS_EXTERN as_serializer* as_serializer_init ( as_serializer serializer,
const as_serializer_hooks hooks 
AS_EXTERN as_serializer* as_serializer_new ( const as_serializer_hooks )
static int as_serializer_serialize ( as_serializer serializer,
as_val val,
as_buffer buffer 

Definition at line 77 of file as_serializer.h.

References as_util_hook.

static uint32_t as_serializer_serialize_getsize ( as_serializer serializer,
as_val val 

Definition at line 97 of file as_serializer.h.

References as_util_hook.

static int32_t as_serializer_serialize_presized ( as_serializer serializer,
const as_val val,
uint8_t *  buf 

Pack directly into pre-sized buffer.

-1 if failed
length of unpacked buffer

Definition at line 87 of file as_serializer.h.

References as_util_hook.